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New Work Coming..

I’ve been making jewelry for hours today.. I hope to get it finished and in the shop(My etsy shop.) soon.  I have to leave this weekend to be in Washington DC.  I’ll be face painting Saturday and Sunday at the Washington DC Convention Center.  Sounds like a lot of work, but it will be nice to see my face painting friend Carol. 

I have to go rent a car tomorrow, just so that I can get to DC.  My car has been overheating for the past couple of days… ugh.

 I need a new car so badly.. I’m sure that I’ll get one someday, but until then, I’m at the mercy of my vehicle.  Cars are SO STUPID. 


You Know You’re A Face Painter If… wonder why people are staring at you until you remember you
decided on a monster face today.

…your hands are rainbow colored.  All the time.

…you have mastered the art of scratching your face by stabbing the
spot with the edge of your fingernail.

…you always scratch your face that way because you can’t remember
whether your face is painted or not.

…you have mastered the additional skill of eating and drinking
without touching your lips.

…you go to bed without washing your face, because you didn’t
remember your face was painted.

…your family LETS you go to bed that way, because they are so used
to seeing you painted, they don’t even notice.

…the people at church no longer do double takes when you come in
after working that afternoon.

…bald heads and very pregnant women make your hands twitch.

…you know and understand the great importance of the difference
between light pink and dark pink.

…you have three or more of any one color of paint.

…sponges are a good present.

…your children no longer pay to GET their faces painted, you have to
pay THEM to get their face painted.

…bare skin looks empty.

…every member of your family has at least one piece of glitter on
their person at all times, even the furry ones.

…you have a love/hate relationship with Spiderman.

…your canvas giggles.

I made the worlds most recycled apron!

In my sculpture class we had to make armour for ourselves that would protect us from a fear.

 What did I choose as my fear?   Wastefulness!  That’s right, and it’s all too true.

 I can’t stand to throw things away… It breaks my heart.  And so I made an apron out of junk that my family would have thrown out anyways.  This included plastic bags, aluminum soda cans, an old pair of jeans, laundry detergent bottles, and shampoo bottles… oh.. and a couple of balloons.

pics to follow soon!

Craft Organizer Review… The Craft Caddy

I have found my new favorite organizer!  And here it is….craft-caddy.jpg  I love this thing!

 I got mine at Michael’s for $4.00.  Not too bad as far as organizers go.. sometimes they get really expensive…

 I use mine to seperate and organize my balloon pieces.  It’s a great help because I can have all of the findings, balloon bits, and glue in one container!  How cool is that?I’m thinking about getting a few more, one for each project.  Tough the little side organizers may require a little muscle to remove, I still highly reccomend this caddy!   

Happy Crafting ^_^

It’s official… I’ve been published!


Okay folks….    I’m famous and it’s official because I’m in print!  woo!  Well.. not really… But…

Two of my face painting images were printed in Illusion magazine!   I’m in the third issue shown up top(the one with the Green cover.)

Here are the two paintings that made it in…(click on a thumbnail to see a larger image)

cropped_editorial_2.jpg       cropped_editorial_1.jpg

 Sure they spelled my name wrong, but it’s still really cool to actually get into a journal made by my peers.  Yay!

Ceramics.. dun, dun, dun!

I miss working on my little ceramic bowls…   I made so many of them last semester and none so far this semester. 

 I’ve been playing around with different design options and I’m really excited to get into the studio.    I’m really leaning towards black, reds, blues, and greens…   We’ll see what comes out of me!

Here are a couple of pieces that I made last semester…..

A bowl with a colorful henna flower motif-


And an origami paper inspired bowl-


Thanks ^_^