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Now accepting Submissions!

Lark Books is now accepting submissions for new publications!

I’ve never submitted…but I’m considering the plastic ones…. could be fun!


Another chance for you to come and visit me and buy my work!

Well.. I’ve just been offered a spot at Crafty Bastards !!!


I will be in a booth with Sloane from the the Norfolk Craft Mafia. I’m very excited, but I only have ONE MONTH to get ready! Agh!

Here’s the address for the fair, which is on June 28th if you wanna come and visit me! Don’t forget to come and visit me this Sunday at the Pagoda show over on Tazewell St. in Norfolk, VA!

Pyramid Atlantic‎
8230 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD
(301) 608-9101‎

Come visit me!

Okay, I’ll be out at the Pagoda Garden Art and Crafts show on May 25th from 11 am to 7pm. 

It’s on Tazewell St. in Norfolk, VA.


I’ll be selling my ceramics, stuffed monsters, and balloon jewelry.



I finished!

I just finished a 12 page reasearch paper about my great grandmother.  It was interesting to write, and in the process I sign up for the 2 week free trial on

It’s cool!  you type in names and they can give you the census records, spouses, mom/dad/sibling/ages, births, deaths.   It’s pretty neat!
Now I’m ready to make some more stuff for my etsy shop! woo!

New pin and the love of my life…

And now for something on a lighter note.  Some of you have met my boyfriend Ryan…  Now get ready to his other side… his… Bee Side!

Yay Ryan!  He always makes me smile! ^_^

And tonight…

I played around with a new polymer clay technique tonight and came up with this pin-

I think that I may be in love with it…   I plan on wearing it while I’m out face painting ^_^




3D Design

For my design class we had to make a chair out of cardboard using only cardboard and water activated brown packaging tape.  I decided that I wouldn’t use the tape.. I made my entire chair like a giant puzzle that fit together.  I also made myself a sketchbook out of cardboard and a writing utensil which was just burned cardboard…

Feast your eyes on my recyclable chair!

Purim Body Painting…

I did this body painting this past Saturday for a Purim Party in Virginia Beach.

 The model is the wonderful Jessica Page of TTN Productions(

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.  Enjoy 🙂